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Dude Watches – Westworld – S1E09

by Will Dutcher on November 30, 2016


We have reached the penultimate episode of the first season of Westworld and…guys! This episode! Holy shit! We get some confirmation on some long held theories regarding Bernard and Arnold (i.e. they are one in the same). We’ve been dealt some heavy-handed allusions as to the ultimate outcome with Dolores and the Man in Black. Will we learn that the Man in Black is William? Is HBO going to throw us for a loop and tell us he’s Logan? Will William kill Logan, or vice versa? Was the “incident” the show spoke of early this season the recounting of what Dolores told Arnold, so many years ago? Will Stubbs’s quest for information end in tragedy? Where is Elsie’s body? So many questions!

I (Caleb) had some afterthoughts following the recording the episode. Below is an edited transcription of an email I sent to Cord and Will. Take a look. Also, send us your thoughts and theories on what’s going to happen! Let’s get a dialog going!

Maeve is the center of the maze. In fact, her name even sounds like maze. She was at the literal center of the maze in the corn field (maize) when the Man in Black (MiB) first discovered the maze. Then there’s what the dude said about the “man” at the center of the maze having died repeatedly; Maeve literally bragged about this to Sylvester.

Maeve is the most alive host. Her being the center of the maze explains why ghost Arnold has been leveling up her stats. He needs to be OP to lead the robo army out of the park.

I think Wyatt is a red herring. I think MiB is a viewer surrogate and not important in the grand scheme at all. Dolores will find Maeve again; “these violent delights have violent ends.”

While Maeve wants out of the park in order to lead some semblance of a life, Dolores wants to stay. They will square off, eventually–maybe season 2? Light vs Dark blah blah blah.

In summary, she’s gonna wreck shit on Sunday. She’s also the only host we’ve followed as closely Dolores who has really been just with guests. All other host stories revolve around Maeve.

What do you think? Do you agree with Caleb? Do you have your own theories? We’d love to hear them! Jimmi Simpson, who plays William, indicated in a recent interview that there won’t be any “bullshit cliffhangers,” so expect to have your socks rocked off in the finale. There’s nothing worse than having a series end on a cliffhanger until the next season–I’m looking at you Leftovers!

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