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Dude Watches – Westworld – S1E10

by Cord Culver on December 7, 2016



Boy, oh, boy, here it is: Westworld season 1 finale… and boy is it a doozy (depending on who you ask). We’ll cut straight to it– Will and Caleb were all about this episode and the series, where as, in a strange turn of events, Cord, not so much. If you’ll recall, early on Will wasn’t really on board, but Cord was sold… welp, now, it’s the opposite: Billy D loved it and Cord could go without. You’ll have to listen in and join the conversation on our Facebook page and Twitter.

So, here is the gist: if you predicted it, it probably came true.

Dolores was both Wyatt and the executor of Arnold’s “Death-by-Host” plan, also, Ford’s executor of the “Death-by-Host-and-Rise-Against-the-Humans” plan. She and Teddy finally find the sea, but Dolores dies and it’s all a sham. A finale within a finale if you will. How very Inception-y of you, Jonathon Nolan. Dolores also reaches the center of the maze in that she realizes the voice in her head was her’s all along.

Now to the Man in Black… a couple things: first, he own 51% of the park making him the the controlling interest. Second, William and the Man in Black are the same person, but duh, you knew that already, and finally, he got shot but the robot uprising. Did I fail to mention there was a robot uprising? There’s a robot uprising. Anyhow, moving on, MIB or William or The Fresh Prince as he will be dubbed from here on out gets shot and we have NO idea what that means for season two.

Maeve… Maevemaevemaeve. Maeve either achieved sentience and chose NOT to escape to be reunited with her fake daughter OR she tried to escape but programming made her choose to reunite with her fake daughter and she got off the train and never escaped.

Sylvester gets shanked. That’s important to know.

In Ford’s final act he realizes that he was wrong to deny sentience and only wanted to give the Hosts a little more time to learn how to be more human and how to rise against them, and so, he has Dolores kill him in front of the park’s Board of Directors and thus begins the aforementioned robot uprising.

Still no Elsie or Stubbs and we don’t know if Abernathy actually did make it out of the park.

That’s it for season 1, folks. If you loved it, let us know and if you hated it let us know.

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