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Dude Watches – Westworld – S1E07

by Cord Culver on November 16, 2016


Welcome back to another episode of Dude Watches! This week we recap, review and speculate on the events of Westworld episode seven, Trompe L’Oeil.


So wait, Bernard is a fucking host?! And Ford had him KILL Theresa?! And Maeve can ignore the freeze programming?! And Ford’s an evil genius making un-registered hosts in his secret lair?! And William says some of the same exact stuff to Clifton Collins Jr that The Man in Black says?!

Okay, so, if you’ve been with use this long then you know we called Bernard being a Host a few episodes back, and while we’d gladly sit here and gloat, we can’t because Jeffrey Wright acted the balls off of that scene in a way that we all agree was absolutely heartbreaking. Seeing the confusion and terror and struggle with Bernard’s rationale come to subtle halt with a simple voice command confirmed what we were all seeing unfold. Bernard’s “vision” problems dropped us hints, but the absence of confirmation isn’t confirmation so when Ford strolls in puts Bernard’s anxiety to rest in the form of a voice command we are all left a gasp. Just because we thought he was a Host doesn’t mean we wanted it to be true. It’s hard to argue there was a more human character on the show than Bernard.

Maeve. Maeve Maeve Maeve. We’re all riding the Thandie-Train here at DudeOMG! and you can’t blame us. Sure, this show has power houses like Ed Harris and Anthony Hopkins, but Thandie Newton is the female lead that is raising the bar around her. Take for example Maeve’s moments in the brothel, navigating her coding, attempting to redirect Clementine’s attitude. Or better yet, in last episode, watching Maeve break her processor as she comes to terms with her manufactured thoughts. And finally! Finally we get the scene we’ve been waiting, “I’ve died a million times. I’m great at it; how many times have you died?” Maeve knows she’s a goddess amongst men and as soon as she leave the park, we’re all going to see what she can do with that power.

This episode also gives us more background on the Man in Black. If you’ve been paying attention to MANY online publications then you know the theory circling around that William is a younger, more innocent version of the Man in Black from 30 years ago. We’re big believers and the show keeps dropping hints like kids dropping hints before Christmas. Common phrases, common weapons, common associates, and by their very nature, the opposing white and black hates. Dammit if William isn’t the Man in Black. And how he got to be such a bastard? Well, it has to have something to do with Dolores, that’s for sure.

It’s hard to capture everything from this episode in a couple hundred words, but that’s what we have a podcast for! One thing is for certain, Westworld constantly keeps us guessing and has yet to disappoint with its reveals. Caleb is onboard, Will is definitely on board, and Cord is coming back around. It’s hard to argue with HBO these days. They are master storytellers and Westworld is one more example that they are only getting better at it. Tune in next week for more nudity, curse words, gun fights wild speculation!

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Lastly, check out Jonny Lupsha’s new book, “Wandering City Blues,” which is out now! Good work, Jonny!

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