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Dude Watches – Westworld – S1E08

by Will Dutcher on November 23, 2016


Westworld fittin’ to jump off, ya’ll! This week, Maeve cuts a guy, Man in Black stabs a girl, and Bernard must come to grips with his feelings. It was expected that following the huge reveal last week that this week would be kind of a downer. There’s still lots of good stuff, but if you’re looking for earth-shattering revelations, you won’t get a ton.

Maeve is looking for an army. She wants to self-actualize in the real world. If she leaves–as is–she blows up, on account of the spine bomb she has implanted in her vertebrae. So Felix and Sylvester got some work to do! Charlotte Hale is trying to smuggle 35 years’ worth of data in the empty brain of the shell of Abernathy. Will “Trace Decay” imprint memories on the robot and cause him to rough up or kill Sizemore? Doesn’t matter too much–Sizemore’s a dick.

Dolores is coming up on memories…or is she seeing a different timeline (future?). She killed a bunch of people in her visions before shooting herself. When she comes to, William is there with a concerned expression, to which Dolores asks, “Where are we? When are we?” Hmm. “When are we?” Interesting.

Ford is playing with his Bernard toy. Bernard is still coming to grips with being a robot and questioning if he’s ever had to do anything adverse to his demeanor other than when he killed Theresa Cullen. It appears the answer is yes, from the brief flash we see of him tangling with Elsie Hughes. But we haven’t seen anything else from her. Is she dead? Is Bernard protecting that interaction and keeping it from Ford? So many questions!

We hovered between a 7.5 and an 8 from each of the other hosts this week. The last two episodes should answer a lot of questions, if actor interviews are any litmus of truth.

By the way, look for bonus Will and Cord in the next Rafe Hates Caleb!

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