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by Cord Culver on April 2, 2014

I think that I’m a pretty good judge of how much liquor I’m mixing into my drinks. For the most part, I know, by look and color, how much whiskey is the perfect amount to mix into my ginger ale. That being said, I may have miscalculated tonight.

After a particularly stressful day (I say stressful, but stress is relative), I came home with a little bit of Chic-Fo-Lay and poured the remaining whiskey from my bottle into my Diet Coke. Here’s the thing… Diet Coke and whiskey are pretty much the same color so when you pour one into the other, the color doesn’t change, just the level of liquid. In my head an inch of whiskey in the bottle is probably like a shot and a half, but based on balance, I’m guessing it was a little more. Maybe three. The point is I’ve got a good buzz going on a Tuesday night and it is NOT without cause.

I think we can all agree that work sucks. Maybe 5% of the world actually gets to do something they love; the rest of us are just trying to pay the bills. When we find a passion project, or something that provides us with a little bit of happiness we should celebrate it. Tonight, while Will and I were talking business we checked the site visits and downloads for our Dude, OMG! show. As of tonight we’ve had 236 downloads of our episodes over the last two months. To put this into context, that is 2% of what we need to be a viable option for sponsorship.

Now, 2% might not seem like a lot to you, but to us it’s 2% closer to us fulfilling a dream. Mike Birbiglia says that when you’re starting out in stand up, a huge part of your success hinges on delusion. You have to believe that not matter how terribly it’s going, that everything is going great and you’re one step closer to success. Tonight, we’re one step closer to our dreams. So, thank you to everyone for all of your support. Thank you for all of the downloads and comments and registrations. Thank you for telling your friends and family and helping us build this idea into something real. We all greatly appreciate it.


Will Dutcher April 2, 2014 at 8:26 am

It was pretty nuckin’ futs looking at the numbers yesterday. I think another thing that we have to put into context is we only had five episodes up, one of which only got 24 hours of consideration for downloads–that’s amazing, to me. There are people on here I know, there are people you and Caleb know, and that’s awesome, but we all know that for continued and sustainable success, we have to reach the people we’ve never met. We have some listens across the globe, and that’s awesome. Let’s keep it up. Let’s get more people to actually register as a user to the site, and interact, and be part of this growing community. I think we each motivate each other to do this, and that’s awesome, but what keeps me coming back is the opportunity to reach a new audience of people. That’s what makes me drive a little faster after work, to get on the site and try and reach out to more people. I think in a few months, when we have more shows out there, and more content, and possibly more hosts, we’re gonna grow. I want to thank each and every one of you that have downloaded and listened and subscribed and registered and shared our site on Facebook; you guys are awesome. We’re only going to get better.

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