So Yeah, They’re Alright. They’re Good Guys.

by Cord Culver on March 5, 2014


As men, as MANLY men, we’re not allowed to say what we think of our friends. We say things like “he’s a good guy,” but we don’t ever get to say what we really think. So, in the spirit of Dude, OMG! I say fuck that. I’m going to tell you exactly what I think of these two guys.


Guys… guys… Friends. Amigos. Compatriots. Will and Caleb are easily the two funniest guys I’ve ever known. Will has a dry, acerbic, sense of humor and his timing is impeccable. Light, dark, doesn’t matter. With a single line this dude can slay me. And Caleb, he’s no different. This guy has the mind of a comic. He knows comedy. He knows how to craft a joke. He knows how to tell a joke. Take that thing, that one thing you hate, the darkest thing you can think of and Caleb can make you laugh about it.

But, so what, they’re funny, big deal. They’re also the two of the most genuine people I know and both of them, despite their own circumstances reached out to me and offered me a hand when I’d been knocked down. When I needed a place to stay, when I couldn’t pay much, when my future was uncertain, both of them offered me a place to live, told me I didn’t have to pay, and helped me find my bearing and because of that, because of the kindness in their hearts, we now have Dude, OMG! I love these guys.

Dude, OMG! is the product of friends wanting to create something together; something creative. Something funny. Something with a future. Dude, OMG! is an opportunity to always stay connected with each other, to share our humor, to share our lives, not just with ourselves, but with everyone that wants to be a part of it. I owe a lot to these two jerks.


So yeah, they’re all right. They’re good guys.

See you next week,


Will Dutcher March 5, 2014 at 9:50 am

I think that’s what made us all sync up so quickly was our share in comedy, albeit each a bit different. Caleb can certainly be high-brow, but he’s got a lot of toilet humor. You both like stand-up, where I’m pretty selective in what I think is a) funny and b) worth listening to for 45 minutes. That may just be my deal, though, where I need a richer, engrossing story to lead up to the punchline. Louis C.K. is great at stand-up. Chris Rock is hilarious. Mitch Hedberg was awkward and funny. Even Louis Anderson made me laugh when I’d gone to Vegas a few years ago. But some of these other guys need a crutch, in my opinion: Kevin James, Kevin Hart, Kevin Smith…all Kevin’s, I guess…they need something to push them along.

Don’t get me wrong, the people I’d just mentioned are HILARIOUS to me, in the right setting, but their actual stand-up is something I can do without. I need them to play off of something or someone. And that’s how I, personally, think I view myself. I think I can be pretty funny, but I’m not a solo guy. I need someone to work with; a Costello to my Abbot, a Peele to my Key, a to my Jeffrey Ross. I’ll definitely swing and miss my fair share, but I think I’ll connect on quite a few, as well. I know we’re not “there” yet, but we’ll certainly get there. We gotta get our groove and it’s smooth sailing from then on. Looking forward to a long and successful podcast and eventually becoming millionaires. That’ll happen.

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