Dude Watches – Turn – S1E10

by Cord Culver on June 10, 2014


Here it is, folks: the season one finale of AMC’s Turn! We laughed. We cried. We hated Simcoe. Some of you clearly loved the show, while others (and by others I mean all but I guess 1.20 million of you) could’ve cared less. In the final recap for Turn, Caleb and I discuss the merits of this episode and some of the character issues. We discuss how Mary has bigger balls than Abe and how Caleb Brewster is just the fun version of Simcoe. Also, some actual Simcoe love in this episode.

As this is the finale for season one, Dude Watches will be moving on to spend a season with another show. It looks like we’re leaning towards HBO’s The Leftovers, but we’ll keep you posted.

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