Dude Watches – Turn – S1E2

by Cord Culver on April 15, 2014


This week, Cord and Caleb cover episode 2 of AMC’s Turn, Who By Fire. The boys cover everything from insurrection and Guy Fawkes, to reluctant heroes, subliminal messages and how much scenery Robert the Bruce can chew. The inevitable Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones comparisons make their way into the episode and Caleb draws some pretty strong connections between the shows. As always, this is a spoiler-heavy episode so don’t listen if you haven’t watched.

Thanks for listening this week– we’ll see you for episode 3, Of Cabbages and Kings.

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As always, thank you for listening!

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Will Dutcher April 15, 2014 at 1:16 pm

Sorry I couldn’t be on last night! Great episode; sounded hollow in the room. Weird.

Things I wanted to comment on, because I watched the episode and checked out the Turn Story Sync:

1) Apparently the false drawers were pretty big/common around that time. So she may have just been aware of the false drawer phenomenon and had an inkling to look, particularly given her role as a patriot and looking for information from her then-departed tenant, Simcoe.

2) The Guy Fawkes insurrection was in the 1600s, so Robert Rogers couldn’t have been involved in that. I had to look up Guy Fawkes. I’m dum.

3) You make a great point, Caleb, about Anna Strong. I felt like she wasn’t as prettied up as she seems to have been (maybe it’s just a first show/first impression thing? was there really less makeup?). Good call.

4) As for a rating, myself, I’d probably have given it a 6.5, myself. The interesting part to me was the packaging of the bodies of British soldiers, which per the Story Sync indicated that the officers would essentially pre-pay for their shipment back to Britain, and they were packed in barrels with rum, myrrh and camphor. Weirdos.

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