Dude Watches – Turn – S1E3

by Cord Culver on April 22, 2014


This week, Cord and Caleb recap episode 3 of AMC’s Turn, Of Cabbages and Kings, make more comparisons to Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Smallville and Scooby Doo, point out bad CG and when Caleb isn’t being a grumpy Gus, he’s making references Cord doesn’t get. Also, Cord’s giant boner for Jaws is discussed.


As a bonus, here are Cord’s episode notes. Gives you a glimpse into how much of a toddler he really is!

Smug-ass Simco. Hate that fucker. 

Song: Hush by Matt Berninger (of the National) and Joy Williams (formerly of the Civil Warriors).
Thomas, elder brother (dead through exposition)
I really hope Caleb kills Simco quietly.
Lots of getting out of “boxes” through exposition.
What is Papa Woodhull up to?
Was baby Thomas his brother’s kid? Was that his wife?
Oh fuck, Hillbilly Mutiny on Talmage!!!
Not impressed with the CG at the New York Island scene– felt a bit cheap.
SHIT! Woodhull just keeps lucking into important positions. Luckiest spy in history. 
– works for the Dragoons, Robert Rogers, and now the British Commissary Officer.
YOU got any red-meat!? lol
Anna Strong is a BALL-BUSTER! She totally puts in Brewster in his place over the Simco issue. 
Woodhull is the guy with all the answers… He’s either THAT knowledgable or he’s that GOOD of a liar.
Papa Woodhull is selling shit that ain’t his…
THEY JUST LEAVE SIMCO!? Oh shit, it’s the mutiny!
REALLY bad 300 moment… this is mutiny, this is madness, this is New Jersey!
During the negotiation: Someone just shoot SIMCO! Music swell is a bit too much. 
Oh shit, Papa Woodhull is selling Selah Strong’s fields! 
This Papa Woodhull affection roller-coaster is getting old. (When does he TURN? Does he turn?)
Papa Woodhull makes it sound like he married Mary out of obligation.
King’s College visit turns into a vision, possibly a memory… 
Woodhull nails the German scene. Figuring out where they’re going by offering to sell Cabbage.
Uh oh, Mary and Anna cat fight!
OH SHIT! Mary and Thomas! Abe just did it out of honor! Mary is bartering with Anna for Abe’s shwing shwang. Abe broke off the engagement with Anna to marry Mary. Abe is the fucking Dudley Do-Right of Setaucket. 
Talmadge is a Bad-Ass! 
Lying to Abe is gonna back fire. He’s gonna be pissed when he finds out.
Caleb is the first Navy SEAL lol
I really don’t like the shitty politics of the battlefield. Talmadge is obviously the viewer’s conscience where as the General is very much the stodgy military type character.
Caleb singing Spanish Ladies was a great fuck you to the red-coats, but I think I liked, I’m assuming it’s Joy Williams version better. 
Again, CG wasn’t the best..
Overall, this was a fine episode, nothing earth shattering, but not bad. It did feel like something of a filler, and like we discussed in the beginning, the writers are keen on wrapping everything up in each episode. There’s not a lot of carry over, save for a couple of overarching plot points. I’d give this episode a 6. It’s not great, and not bad, but still enjoyable. There has been discussion about how difficult the story can be to understand if you come into the show late but this episode was easy to follow. 

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Farewell, and adieu, you ladies of Spain.

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Will Dutcher April 22, 2014 at 8:29 am

I think you guys were wrong about this episode. I’d give it an 8 out of 10, only marking it down because of the kind of back and forth bullshit relationship between Abe and Abe’s daddy, as well as the atrocious background CG that we’d seen in this episode. It’s funny, too, that Cord brought up that a team of people produced that, and had a budget to work with, etc. etc. but I can’t buy that. They could have done better, or even just outsourced it to some other video editing YouTuber who likely could have done a better job. It just looked really shitty compared to the rest of the show.

So, some points I really liked: Anna Strong’s sexuality was definitely played up again, and I credit you, Caleb, for bringing that to my attention. But wow…more than pretty. She reminds me, for whatever reason, of Helena Bonham Carter, but prettier. I love her eyes, man. Anime eyes. Here’s something that bothers me, though: A) Mary Woodhull has NO semblance of an English accent, which I think is ridiculous. She sounds like a “normal” American, and I find that problematic. Meh. B) How does Abe luck in to being engaged to a hot piece like Anna, but then opting for the blonde hottie (with a “normal” American accent) to fulfill family obligations. It’s the 1700s. They should be uglier.

I loved Caleb in this episode. Definitely my favorite character of the show right now, with Tallmadge coming in second. They both really work well together, too. Great BROvolutionary chemistry.

Richard Woodhull is a cock! Selling peoples’ stuff without their consent is a dickish thing to do, and I really wonder if he’ll face any comeuppance when it comes time for him to Turn, and what (if any) his relationship with Anna Strong (and Selah, if around) will be like if word gets out he’s selling their shit. I wonder…what else does he offer up to the Redcoats that isn’t his by right? Is that part of how he got his wealth…?

I enjoyed the mutiny scenes, but, yes…the 300 moment was too much, and the set-up of walking out with General Scott and shooting the mutineers, bah. Plus, I just spoiled myself because I couldn’t remember the name of him (General Scott) and he’s not in the full 10-episode season…hmmm.

The scene at King’s College with the Germans was far-too easy, and they seemed to give up the information way too easily. But I am excited about the Washington-crosses-the-Delware scene that’s sure to come.

I’m all in on this episode. I liked the action scenes and the acting seemed better, if that makes sense. Things are coming together for this show. Looking forward to next week!

Great episode, you guys. Sorry I couldn’t be there.

Also, the “chinks” comment was great, and Caleb quickly followed up with “in the armor” and I could just HEAR in his head the ellipses after he’d said it, lol. The line of “they’re building the railroad”…haha. Factually inaccurate, I believe, since they expanded west well after we’d become America-proper, but you had the opening, so you had to take the shot. Ohhhhh the digital beatings you would take if we were more popular!

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