Will’s Diet Challenge – Post 061

by Will Dutcher on March 3, 2015


It’s probably fair to say I’m off my diet. I haven’t counted points in like five days and I’m probably going to be over 230 tomorrow. I really gotta get back to actually tracking points and going to the gym. Same song and dance. I’ve said all this, before. I’m pretty disappointed in myself.


I had some potatoes and a sausage and egg croissant at Dunkin’ Donuts. It was a change from oatmeal, and in retrospect, I’d rather have had oatmeal.


I had a ham and turkey sandwich on a kaiser roll with lettuce, tomatoes and onions with some mayo and mustard. I had carrot and celery as my snack, with a water to drink. I was hungry, still…


…so I stopped by McDonald’s and had three spicy chicken sandwiches and a chocolate shake. About an hour and a half later, I had two filet mignons (Amanda didn’t want hers) and maybe a cup of roasted potatoes and corn. Not good.

We recorded our one year anniversary episode tonight. We broke the news of Dude Plays but there’s still some behind-the-scenes stuff we gotta do before we can release it. Won’t be much longer! The day ended well, but the lead-in to it…I coulda done better.

Night, all!


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