Will’s Diet Challenge – Post 062

by Will Dutcher on March 4, 2015


Eating without counting points is so much easier. It also, when you don’t eat correctly, makes you fat. I’m pretty certain that tomorrow I’ll hit 230, again. I’m exhausted right now, and I think a large part of that is my diet and exercise–or lack, really, of both.


I had two Boston Cream donuts, a half cup of oatmeal and my tea. Yep.


We all ordered from Lost Dog today and apparently I’m the only one who had a good experience. The pizza some people split was overcooked, a grilled cheese another person ordered was not toasted, nor the cheese melted…meatballs and pasta were overcooked. It was madness. I had the New York Giant, though, and it was delicious.


I stopped by Popeye’s for dinner. I didn’t splurge too much. I got a 5-piece chicken tender meal, but only ate two pieces. Saving the rest for lunch tomorrow in case we don’t have work. Would be nice to stay home and play with Isla a little.

I may be putting my programming books on pause if I take some other courses for work. I may be getting into Adobe Captivate and Microsoft Access. I know NOTHING about Captivate and haven’t seen anything with Access in over 10 years, probably. It’ll be good to get grounded in those. That’ll help open up my resume, too. And it’ll give me more experience in database management, which is one of my goals with this whole learning initiative I started, anyway.

Hoping for snow, tonight. Good night, all!


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