Will’s Diet Challenge – Post 063

by Will Dutcher on March 5, 2015


No change. I was pretty surprised. Now, if I have no change by tomorrow morning, THAT will surprise me. It was a snow-day for me so I just sat around and got fat. I don’t know if anything I ate today was necessarily great for me. I did have some Diet Crush, though. That’s zero calories. That’s a win, right?


I made a cup of oatmeal with peanut butter, craisins, cinnamon and some Splenda brown sugar. I can’t get enough of this stuff. It tastes even better at home, for some reason. Maybe it was the snow? There’s snow reason it’s so much better at home.


Amanda’s mom came by with pizza. She had braved the elements going to Whole Foods (go figure, right?) so we ordered pizza. Apparently, pizza man got lost and ended up on a street similar to mine, but probably a good 10 miles away. In a snow storm. Oops. Not my fault because A) he was given the right address and B) Amanda ordered the pizza.


I had leftover chicken for dinner with maybe a half cup (if that) each of red beans and rice and mashed potatoes. They were still really good. After that, I had more oatmeal. Another cup. We gave some to Isla this morning while she was eating breakfast and she flung it at the wall. She has no idea what she’s missing.

Good news: I didn’t have to shovel the driveway! Someone came by and did that for me, for a fee. They got the sidewalk, too, so I don’t have to fret over that, either! Now I’m just sitting here reading my HTML and CSS book. All day, though, I was not able to decide what I really wanted to do. I watched Tigerland this morning on HBO Go (if you haven’t seen it, SEE IT!), I caught up on the last couple episodes of Season Five of The League (SEE IT!), and watched the only five episodes available of the current season of Impractical Jokers (SEE IT!). What I need, now, is a game to play. I want my own Dude Plays, but I think it may be a little much to have all the guys record on that one, too. This one may just be a Will and the audience kinda thing. But it’s got to be something I can talk to, and by myself, I think we’d all agree, I’m a terrible conversationalist. Anyone have a suggestion? If you want to see what games I’ve got to work with, check it out here. Fun fact: Apparently, I’ve taken 70 hours to watch a movie on Steam. Hrm. :/

Back to the books for me. Night, all!


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