Will’s Diet Challenge – Post 064

by Will Dutcher on March 6, 2015


I knew that was gonna happen. Focus gets adjusted Sunday. Got three and a half hours sleep last night so this is gonna be quick.


I had a hot chocolate from 7/11 after digging the cars out of the snow. This morning sucked. I grabbed a tea later. Trying to think if I had anything to eat, really, and I don’t think I did.


One of the guys from work actually ran out to lunch; Chipotle. I actually kind of got the diet-version of it because I’d neglected to put in ‘rice’ as an ingredient for my burrito bowl. Oh well–less carbs. Also had a handful of peanut butter M&Ms.


We ordered Thai for dinner. I had two drunken noodles with chicken, level 7 spicy. Mouth was on fire to start. In one end…waiting on that fire to make it’s exit.

As I said, I’m completely obliterated right now. I fell asleep earlier, I maybe took a 2 hour nap. Maybe more. I actually don’t remember. Looking forward to sleep. Night, all!


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