Will’s Diet Challenge – Post 065

by Will Dutcher on March 7, 2015


Trying to decide: Do I wanna go back to the gym and do a Sunday through Thursday thing? Do I wanna do Monday through Friday? Do I wanna cut out a lot of weight lifting and do more cardio and do that 3 or 4 times a week, instead? I haven’t made up my mind. But I’m going back to the gym either tomorrow or Monday, for sure. I gotta.

We started an email address for my daughter. It’s a pretty good idea, too. We created the email and anyone can send her an email for her to read whenever she ultimately gets access to it (16? 17? 18?). It’s something I’d like to be able to remember we have so I can send her an email once or twice a quarter or so. I don’t want to completely inundate her with email, but I want her to know she’s loved and all these people are sharing these pictures and memories with her. I think it’s a great way for her to get to know her family. I sent her one email, already. I’m looking forward to when she’s actually able to open it up and read them.


Amanda, Isla and me all had eggs. Isla had some scrambled eggs with cheese. Amanda and I each had two over medium eggs with a couple sausage links. I also had 4 pieces of toast. Little tiny baby toasts. Pepperidge Farm toast. They’re like slightly larger crackers.


McDonald’s. Amanda had gone to Wal-Mart to pick up some things and stopped through McDonald’s when she was done. I had two Spicy McChicken Sandwiches, medium fries and a medium sweet tea.


Amanda and I made dinner tonight; spaghetti and sausage and a couple pieces of Texas Toast. Her grandmother and her dad came over so we had company. It turned out pretty good. I didn’t have a huge serving; was relatively normal. That’s different for me since typically I’d have a pretty gargantuan plate full. I love spaghetti.

I’m about 30% through this HTML and CSS book. I’m going to get back into it, actually. I also started looking at the Adobe Creative Cloud stuff. $50/mo for multiple programs which could help, but nothing I absolutely, unequivocally need right now. It’s on my back burner, right now. I’d like to use it for Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, and Audition. I could use all three of those for the site, but I would need to get some training on them, first. I’ll probably get it, eventually. Good thing I’m sticking to learning better than I have been to my diet. Sigh.

Night, all!


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