Will’s Diet Challenge – Post 066

by Will Dutcher on March 8, 2015


Sunday. Spring Forward. Lost an hour of the weekend. That sucks. Today I did better with my re-focus on the diet, but…I’ll get into it in a few. It was a day of learning, today. Learning and re-learning, really. I opened up my Weight Watchers app for the first time in almost two weeks. I put my food in there and I was honest. There was no omission of something like I *may* have done in the past. Straight honesty.

Speaking of learning, I’m really digging this Head First approach. I’m enjoying it so much that I really may commit myself to reading all of them, eventually. This is by no means a thing whereby I can do that from now to the end of the year, but over the course of a couple years, I think I can eventually buy and read through all 19 of the books. I’m a little leery of a couple of them since they haven’t been updated in a while, but we’ll see what happens when I finally get to those topics (i.e. Java and Networking). I wrote them an email, too, actually. I would much rather join like a monthly subscription to them in order to have all access, so if that’s something they could ever offer, I’m all over that.

Know what’s funny, too, about all this IT renaissance? I don’t remember half of this stuff when I was going through getting my degree. I really don’t. I almost want to go back and get another degree now that I’m actually paying attention. When I went to college, I was kind of just going through the motions. Say what you want about an online university, but it certainly wasn’t a walk in the park. There were no tests, which is a good thing because I SUCK at tests. I’d much rather write 3 papers a class and do collaborative work. I may, though, reassess where I am a year from now and maybe I’ll go back to school. This is a field I have a really strong interest in and I think I could do well at this as a career. Baby steps.


Speaking of baby steps…I only crawled back into Weight Watchers. I didn’t do *great* but I did do *better* than I had the past couple weeks. Here’s the thing: I went over on points. That’s no surprise to anyone. I always do that. However, I knew when I went over on points that enough was enough. That said, let’s move on to my only meal of the day…


Amanda, Isla and I went out to a used book store (more on that in a bit). We went to Panera Bread to eat. I had a whole Chipotle chicken sandwich, two baguettes, and maybe six (that’s being generous) ounces of Dr. Pepper. After that, we went to Cold Stone and I had a small Blonde Ambition cup. I’d never had it before, and I figured I should try something new. I wasn’t counting points at that point, but I did make a note to remember to keep myself in check. After we left the book store, on the way home, we went through Starbucks and I got a large Caramel frappuccino on accident. I meant to get a large iced coffee macchiato, but my coffee game be hurtin’, B. Drank that. That was the last of the calories I’d taken in


See above. I had no dinner. I was actually full for quite a while. Drinking the rest of this Diet Crush and watching Walking Dead, now. Then I may gt back into this book for a few more minutes.

So at the used book store (called McKay’s), I traded in some pretty thick For Dummies books. All told, I received $7.04 in-store credit. Yipes. Just like a new car, apparently, once you buy something new, the value takes a nose dive. I bought several more books, however, and I did find a couple books that I’d put on my Amazon wish list just hours before.

*Note: I gotta remove them from my wish list now so I don’t re-buy them. Done.

Okay, I was just taking a few minutes to write this post while my wife was getting our daughter back to sleep. So I’ve got to actually un-pause Walking Dead and get back into it. Thanks for reading!

Night, all!


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