Will’s Diet Challenge – Post 067

by Will Dutcher on March 9, 2015


That’s the ticket. Fun fact: if you eat less, you won’t get as fat. I had a much better day, however, right now I’ve got a huge headache. I’m certain it’s from a lack of water intake, today. To answer any questions, yes I went back to the gym today. It was pretty intense. I’m going to do something different than that program I was on, however. I want to focus more on losing weight rather than building muscle. I have a lot of muscle under this bulk, but I’m not trying to get bigger, I’m trying to get leaner.

Food today was a weird thing. I put information into my phone into the Weight Watchers app of what I was going to have for breakfast, but I never ended up eating. I was kind of annoyed this morning at the prospect of having to (likely) re-work a bunch of stuff. More metrics stuff. I think I’m pretty good at it, but it gets old pretty quickly. I want to do something in Information Technology. I want to get back into reading tonight, but my head is on fire right now. I should probably go get some Advil, but that would require going downstairs. I’ll wait it out. Asshole headache. Fuck you, headache. You dick.


I *was* going to have some oatmeal, but that was dashed. I settled on just drinking my tea.


I had nearly a pound of lettuce and spinach, some bacon bits, bell peppers and 2 or 3 tablespoons of ranch dressing. The total number of points for my lunch: 6 points. At the gym this afternoon, I was on the treadmill for 60 minutes. Then I just did a couple arm exercises (again, going to focus much more on cardio than strength). The total points I gained after my workout: 17. My workout granted me nearly 3x the amount of points I’d even eaten that day. Also, I’d only had about 1/2 the bottle of water (maybe 16 of the 33.8 oz) I’d brought to the gym. So yeah, now I’m starting to get why my head’s pounding.


I was pretty surprised at dinner. I had about an 11 oz piece of chicken (2 lb package, 3 chicken breasts, I ate one of them). I seasoned it with some crushed red pepper and some Kickin’ Chicken seasoning and it turned out pretty good. I had a little A1 with it. I put half the pot of mac and cheese on my plate, but ended up only eating half of that. I ate maybe a cup of broccoli. I was pretty full by then. I put the rest in a container, which’ll be lunch tomorrow. Afterward, I had a mini-sleeve of Ritz crackers (7 points) and two packs of fruit snacks (4 points, total). All told, of the 47 points I am allowed to eat per day, I only used 36. I have 11 unused points. I don’t think I’ve had that many points since being sick. What’s better, I weighed 227 before I’d gone to take my shower. Sure that’s a lot of water weight, but I’m curious what the scale will say tomorrow. As long as it’s under 229, I’ll be happy.

I think I may go crash, now. Or maybe I’ll play a round or two in XCOM: Enemy Within. I love turn-based strategy games and this is probably–nay, it IS–my all-time favorite. I used to stump for Jagged Alliance 2, but XCOM has stolen my heart. I’m gonna go shoot aliens in the face and hands, now.

Night, all!


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