Will’s Diet Challenge – Post 070

by Will Dutcher on March 12, 2015


I don’t think I’m necessarily all the way off the wagon, but I certainly dragged my feet a bit. Today was our company lunch day. We get one a year. We had Maggiano’s (Italian place). I partook. Tonight for dinner, I had fast food, but at least I kept it semi-alright. I also didn’t get home until 6 so I didn’t go to the gym. More on all this, below.


I forgot to snag a banana so I just stuck with tea for breakfast. Throat’s starting to get a little sore. Hope I’m not gonna get sick. I’ll never hear the end of it at work.


As I’d said, we had Maggiano’s. I had some salad, some chicken Parmesan, some rigatoni with alfredo sauce, a couple pieces of bread and an apple tart and a truffle. Also three Dr. Peppers. I ballparked the points at like 12 ;).


Since I didn’t get home til late-ish, we had something easy. Easy = takeout or fast food. Isla doesn’t eat Chinese food, so while I got Amanda and I both some fried rice, Isla got McDonald’s. While I was at McDonald’s, I decided to get a couple McChicken sandwiches and a shake for Amanda and I. I had the sandwiches and the shake. The rice was never consumed.

So, why was I late? Why didn’t I go to the gym? ECPI. I stopped by the campus in Manassas (it’s a college) to get some basic information. Long story short, I may decide to go back to school. It all started with Amanda’s desire to get back into a nursing program so she can change careers, so I stopped to see if they had any brochures: they didn’t. So I decided to talk to the guy there. I filled out some information, got a real quick tour of the building and decided that I think I really want to get into IT again. What’s more, a really good friend who I’ve known for years, has the same degree as I do from the same school, and knows me well enough to know when I’m passionate about something I like, said that she thinks I’d be good at IT, or in that sector, and that I’m obviously really eager to learn more about it. I don’t know if that person thought it was a compliment, but I appreciated it. That, coupled with the past month-plus of reading these books, the ECPI visit, and the notion that IT is EVERYWHERE (i.e., I won’t be locked down to the DC area if I don’t want to be), I’m really thinking about jumping back into school. Classes start April 6. Trying to work it out with Amanda, first. Told her if she wants to really go back, and she’ll stick to it, I’ll bow out so she can go first. Worst case, I can always continue reading these books and just get in the fringes of tech and maybe have a better chance when it comes to these kinds of classes if/when I do get back into school. It’s a pretty big commitment of time and money, though, so those are the factors that I need to take into consideration. Decisions, decisions…

Night, all!


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