Will’s Diet Challenge – Post 071

by Will Dutcher on March 13, 2015


Pfft. Words, I don’t have them. I had all three meals today, so that’s a thing, at least. I didn’t count up my points, but it wasn’t completely horrible, I don’t think, but I’m sure I went over what my allotted points were, but not all told for the week, at least.

ECPI is a bust. I did some research on the school and there were not a lot of good things to be said, particularly for the Manassas campus. Additionally, it’s way expensive. I don’t want to put Amanda and I another $100k in the hole on a degree that may not mean entirely too much to prospective employers. That’s not my largest concern, though. It seems, from the reviews I’ve read, that the faculty either hates their jobs or doesn’t care, the instructors sometimes seemed like they didn’t know or believe what they were teaching, and students felt helpless. That’s not what I want to go through. I’m going to look elsewhere, namely NOVA (physically at the school) and Penn State World Campus (online degree, but it’s Penn State, still). I just need to talk to their counselors. I’d canceled my appointment with ECPI, by the way. No need to go back there, I don’t think.


I had an omelette, a piece of kielbasa and some hash browns with mustard. Also had a tea, as per normal. Not a really terrible breakfast.


I was eventually talked into getting pizza. Maybe I wasn’t so much “talked into it” as I just decided on getting it because it sounded good at the last moment. I *was* going to just have a Diet Dr Pepper, but two slices of pepperoni found it’s way into a container and then into my hands.


We went to Cracker Barrel. I had two BLTs (they’re actually pretty small sandwiches), fries, a coke and a coffee. Now I’m drinking a Diet Crush.

I’m glad I’m pulling the reigns back on this going back to school thing, at least with ECPI. If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m pretty spontaneous and will jump into something both feet without so much as a moment’s clear thought. Good thing I decided to look through the reviews. They really weren’t flattering at all. That’s not me talking bad about ECPI as I’m just simply stating what I’d read. Granted, there’s always going to be people who may overstate things or complain just to complain, but these seemed pretty legitimate, and the cost-factor was enough to make me look elsewhere. It’s just too risky to commit my time and money to that.

So for now, I’m researching NOVA and Penn State, like I’d said, and I’ll just go about my business as usual. I’ll continue to read these books and, when I’m ready, I’ll apply for school and financial aid and all that. Would also be a good idea to figure out scheduling for Amanda and I, too. So there’s that.

Tomorrow is Wayne Brady. We’ll be out of town, so I don’t know if I’m even going to be able to post–just thought of that. If I’m able to get on my phone and do it, maybe I will, but most likely I’ll combine Saturday into Sunday’s post. I gotta think about winding down these daily entries, anyway, maybe. Not sure if anyone’s really getting anything out of them. I’d love to hear what you think, if you do read them. If the mood hits you, send me your opinion to [email protected].

Night, all!


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